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People skills are the most important ingredient for a great career and for true collaboration as a team. Teams generate results that a group of individuals will never accomplish. However, a group does not automatically represent a team.

People like to think that they possess good social abilities and communication skills. However, rarely do people truly inspire each other. Many teams are marked by individualism, lack of direction, and rivalry, and conversations are full of complaints, criticism, and unsolicited advice.

To sum it up – that magical team spirit which holds a team together and allows it to grow beyond itself is missing. This phenomenon is well-known in sports, but not as widespread in the business world yet. In the future, companies who are able to create this team spirit will be the most successful.

What makes a team work is the ability of each individual to develop his or her full potential and contribute to the common goal. Each member who feels comfortable in his or her role as part of the team contributes to the team’s cohesion and thus increases the group’s efficacy many times over. This positive upward spiral is created when the team communicates respectfully within a set of clearly defined rules – just like on the sports playing field. Konstanze’s team trainings provide stimuli for more fun in the workplace. They ensure that each individual expresses their talents, so common goals can be easily achieved. That way, high performance will become commonplace.